Your beer belly may kill you

( CNN) Going to your doctor may soon appear more like going to your tailor. Instead of starting with a request to step on a scale, he or she may measure your waist.

That’s because a new analyze concludes that excess belly fat, even if you are skinny everywhere else, may be even more deadly than being obese or overweight.

And that’s saying something when you know that being obese already increases your likelihood of having a heart attack, a stroke, diabetes or even cancer.

In other terms, your beer belly may be killing you.

As of now, the guidelines to manage obesitytell your doctor to look at your body mass index, the measure of body fat utilizing a calculation based on your height and weight. It is possible to have a “healthy” BMI and a slim butt, arms and legs. But if your gasps are hard to button, and your low-riders make a muffin top, you should still watch your weight.

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