Women Merely Like Donald Trump In One US State, According To New Poll

Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, has a long history of making unabashedly sexist statements in public.

He once summed up his opinion on girls by stating,

You have to treat em like shit.

So its not very surprising hes consistently struggled to win over female voters throughout this election cycle.

A Washington Post/ ABC News poll from June, for example, determined 77 percent of women had an unfavorable position of the real estate mogul.

It also doesnt assist that Trump selected Governor Mike Pence as his running mate, a human with a history of taking strong stances against reproductive rights and gay rights.

But a new poll from Monmouth University actually proves a significant number of women in at the least one state have a favorable view of Trump: Missouri.

In fact, the poll found Trump is even doing better among white women( 54 percent to 36 percent) in Missouri than he is among white humen( 45 percent to 37 percentage ).

Trump is also beating his Democratic foe, Hillary Clinton, in Missouri, but by a very narrow margin: 44 to 43 percent.

With that said, the most recent polls prove Clinton in the lead overall( 50 percentage to 42 percentage ), and the New York Times currently calculates the former secretary of state has an 89 percentage opportunity of winning the presidency, while Trump has just an 11 percentage chance. Others have reached similar conclusions.

When analyzing the Monmouth University poll, its also worth noting that while Trump results among white voters in Missouri( 50 percentage to 37 percent ), Clinton has a very strong result among black, Hispanic, and Asian voters( 78 percentage to 13 percentage ).

Missouris population is 79.8 percentage white, so its not the best representation of the US as a whole, which is roughly62 percent white.

So, while Trump might be doing well among white voters in Missouri, including white women, and he has a leading in the country, his lack of appeal to women and minority votersappears to be hindering his campaign a great dealacross the country.

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