(CNN)Donald Trump is touting more than just his candidacy on Tuesday night, offering up some red meat — literally — to supporters at a news conference in Jupiter, Florida.

Flanked by wines, (raw) steaks and bottled “natural spring water,” the Republican front-runner launched into a lengthy defense of his assorted branded product lines.

    “We sell water and we have water, and it’s a very successful water company,” Trump said, dismissing a mocking comment last week from Mitt Romney. “It’s a private little water company and I supply the water for all my places and it’s very good.”

    “We have ‘Trump Steaks,'” he continued, pointing out beef that — given the venture was discontinued years ago — was unlikely to have been cut from the same stock as the original line.

    Trump then grabbed for and waved around an issue of what he described as his magazine — which folded in 2009 — again taunting Romney, saying “it goes to all of my clubs, I’ve had it for many years.”

    Later, he cited Romney’s “viciousness” as “one of the reasons I brought the wine out and the water out and the steak out, and more wine and more water, and I told you about Trump University, where — we’re going to win that case, that’s going to be an easy case to win — everybody signed a document.”

    “You have to do what’s right,” Trump said, explaining why he refused to settle pending lawsuits against his defunct for-profit education venture, “and believe it or not, I’m a very highly principled person. If you live by principle, you’re going to do very well.”

    For the friendly guests invited into the Election Night venue: servers walking around with champagne and wine glasses, along with a table stocked with cheese, charcuterie, fruit and cookies.

    There was also a “step and repeat,” the kind of banner backdrop typically seen behind movie stars on a red carpet. This one, of course, featured Trump branding.

    The wine — including bottles of ros, Blanc de Blanc, chardonnay and a Meritage red — is all featured online at the Trump Winery website.

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