Why volume clubs help you live longer

Being a member of a reading group may extend their own lives, according to a new analyze. Great but which books should you read?

Name: Book clubs.

Age : Nothing but a number. Appearance : The very elixir of eternal life. Really ? Book clubs build you live for ever? Well , no. But they might build you live a little longer. Because in my friends volume club, everybody beverages enough wine to fell an elephant . Its only true if youre part of a certain demographic. Explain yourself . According to results published the coming week in BMJ Open, a UK medical journal, people enjoy healthier lives if they maintain social bonds after they retire. Something like a volume club, where you regularly meet friends and chat, can significantly reduce your risk of demise in the first six years post-retirement.

So its the social interaction that keeps you alive , not the book club itself? Thats right. You could also be a member of a sport club or a church society.

So I wouldnt actually have to read the books ? I suppose not. Like you said, its the social interaction that counts. So I could just memorise the books Wikipedia summary on the way there and Id still live longer ? Listen, Im not really sure youre fully grasping the point I detest books . Youre weird. How else can I live longer ? Well, the study is all about the negative effects of social isolation in the elderly, and how it can increase the risk of dementia or cognitive deterioration. And one thing that can stop social isolation is Dont say it . Formal employment.

Goddamn it. Sorry.

So thats my choice, then? Run for ever or read boring books ? No, that isnt your choice at all. If youve merely retired, you should try to remain as active as you maybe can. Maintaining strong social relationships with likeminded people is important for your health, but you can achieve this in a number of ways. It doesnt have to be a volume club.

What about if I started an I Dislike Books club? I suppose that could also run, if you find enough people to join.

I definitely would. Books are idiots . Maybe you should just go and have a lie down. Do tell : In todays volume club, were discussing A Short Guide to a Long Life by David B Agus. Dont tell : And dont forget that next weeks volume is Swimming in a Sea of Death by David Rieff.

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