We Induced A 6-Page Bernie Sanders Coloring Book For You, You’re Welcome

Whether you like Bernie Sanders’ politics or not, you have to admit he was so good at writing “Seinfeld.”

This you just have to admit, you have no choice in the matter.Sorry.

What you do have a selection in, however, is what coloring to build his ears in this six-page coloring book we attained for your( stoned) enjoyment.

Should Sanders’ teeth be yellow or wine-stained?( Correct answer: Kool-Aid-stained ).

Should his tie havea photograph of Franklin D. Roosevelt or Susan B. Anthonyon it?( Correct answer: Papa Smurf because he was so good at running a communal society ).

The options areall in your hands.

OK , now I know you probably don’t have printers…

…because the last thing you had to publish was an actual dick pic in 2008.( We justcalled them penis paintings back then, and we handed them out in red envelopes on Valentine’s Day .)

But you all have photoshop, right?( PS: If this isn’tthe face of someone holding in a fart, then I don’t know is .)

So f* cking get started on these things!( Look, here Sanders issnitching on which one of his pets poopedon the carpet .)

This is Sanders when he had all his hair. That’s why he’s smiling. Go crazy.

This is Sanders and Mark Ruffalo the moment they both silently understood, on mushrooms, that the universeis a single organism.( What colourings were their auras, bro !?)

It’s time you eventually startgetting involved in politics.

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