Tinder user get 300 matches by posing as a glass of wine

If you want to stand out in the dating world, you need a gimmick. You have to think, What does my potential mate wishing? and reimagine yourself in that image. One Tinder user did just thatto tremendous results.

So what does all the women want? A glass of wine.

Last year, an anonymous writerreceived more than 1,000 Tinder messages from humen after she changed her profile and pretended to be a cheeseburger named Patty.

WriterSean Fahmy wanted to see if he could mirror her success with women by posing as a glass of red wine. If Im being honest, I just want to be inside you, read his profile. Coming from a glass of wine, that line is adorable. Coming from a human, its grounds for cutting off the conversation.

Fahmy wrote that he got 300 matches in two days with this tactic and that girls were drinking up his pickup lines.

So gentlemen, just recollect: 300 females would rather chat with an inanimate object than go out with you. Happy dating!

Photo via Evan Wood/ Flickr( CC BY 2.0 )

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