This Woman Brought Her Stepdad To Tears With The Ultimate Thank You Gift

Kristin Russell’s stepdad Dave loved his Porsche 914 roadster, but he loved Kristin’s mom and their family a whole lot more.

When the couple married in November 1990 after four years of dating, Dave decided to use the money he’d been saving to restore the 1973 sports car to pay for their bridal instead. The roadster sat in a garage for years before it was eventually gutted for parts.

Kristin Russell
Dave and his beloved 1973 Porsche.

It wouldn’t be Dave’s last Porsche, though. When Father’s Day rolled around a few years ago, Russell, an Air Force captain based in California, dedicated her stepdad the ultimate gift: Utilizing fund she’d saved over two years during her deployment, Russell tracked down an identical Porsche 914 roadster in Arizona and had it delivered to Dave in Exton, Pennsylvania.

Dave’s filmed reaction to the astonish gift , now running viral thanks to a Facebook share by actor George Takei, is pure gold: Initially, he supposes the car belongs to someone else. When Russell tells him it’s his, he’s shocked.

“Get the hell out of here! ” he screams, before tearing up and espousing his stepdaughter, who he’s raised since she was three.

Russell told HuffPost that devoting Dave the sports car is not merely a long time coming, it was totally deserved.

“He was so funny and fun to be around when I was growing up, ” she told. “He would play Barbies with me, coach my athletics squads and always asked tons of issues concerning my day; he’s genuinely interested in what people have to say.”

Kristin Russell
Russell with Dave and her mommy growing up.

Two years into owning the car, Dave still loves working on it, Russell told.

“He had a ton of old proportions in the garage, so he added his own muffler and mirrors, ” she told us. “He’s enjoying it as research projects car — it’s 43 years old so it needs a little TLC. As soon as the weather gets nicer, I expect he’ll have it out a lot around Eastern Pennsylvania.”

Russell said the family never expected the video to go viral, but that Dave is especially glad that people responded to it.

“He told me on the phone the other night that if the video influenced people to do something kind, that’s great and that’s the real gift, ” she said.

Kristin Russell
Kristin and their own families wine savor in Temecula, California.

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