This Rainbow Ice Cream Cake Recipe Boasts Beautiful Coloring and Tastes Delicious!

I love making birthday cakes for my friends. I enjoy findingfun, new ways to surprise my loved ones with delicious cake recipes they’ll never forget.

Rainbow cakes have never failed to impress. Whether therainbow cakes are in acheckerboard patternor in a gorgeous teacup, they savor delicious and look beautiful.

When I insured a recipe for rainbow ice cream cakes, my jaw practically made the floor. I’ll admit that these are a little time consuming as you have to let the ice cream situate, but I promise that the finished product is delicious.

Here’s what you need 😛 TAGEND


2×8-inch cake pans( important that they are2 inches high) Aluminum foil Hand mixer Afew bowls Spatula 2×1. 5-quart receptacles of vanilla ice cream 4 packets of Kool-Aid( whatever flavors/ colours you want) 1/2 beaker whipping cream Food coloring as desired to increase the saturation of the colours

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