This ‘Harry Potter’ Podcast Is Basically ‘5 0 Shades Of Grey’ At Hogwarts

Rule 34 states that as long as there isa fandom on the internet, there will be, ahem, sexually related documentation for told fandom. And as long as there has been in the world, there has been fan-fiction for it. These two facts have been crisscrossed and intertwined since the early days of Live Journal, right up to today’s world ofAO3 and Dreamwidth. And now those smutty fanfics have a new home onPotterotica, a podcast.

Now in their second season, the Potterotica podcast is gaining fame( or maybe infamy) in the wake of the 20 th anniversary of the original publishing of here in America .) Startedby Lyndsay Rush and Allie LeFevere, withDanny Chapman coming on board this year, the three of them gather up the best, stray, written wand work on the internet and read it aloud( and commentate) for your listening pleasures.

The character pairings aren’t exactly canon. Season 1 featured a multipart series that focused on the slash fic pairing known as Snermione.( Yes, that’s Snape and Hermione. Because you know, his preoccupation with Harry’s mother after her being deceased for decades wasn’t creepy enough , now we have him dating students .)


While some might find hearing these narratives read is a little on the side of things, the three of them consider it to be more of a comedy show albeit on that deserves an MA rating.( As well as a warning to all those Potterheads who would never like to think about Harry and Ginny going beyond kissing, thank you very much .)

Talking to Huff Post, Lyndsay Rush tells 😛 TAGEND

Recording the podcast and discussing these things in this route feels like it would if I had a glass of wine with my friends and we were talking about sexuality. I don’t know if it’s inevitably that laugh is you masking your vulnerability or if it’s simply a tint of vulnerability. You’re looking at this intimate thing in a lighthearted way.


For many, was their coming of age story, and with the recent upsurge in popularity of the books, especially after, it seems like it will be for the next generation that comes along too. And while Rowling’s writing has always been rated G, that doesn’t mean imaginations are.

Any outlet that helps young adults was increasingly comfortable with their own impressions and longings is a good thing, especially if it’s approached in a way that’s like gossiping with your friends.

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Check out the first 5 episode of the first season( above) and prepare to giggle along.

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