This DIYer Attained The Perfect Father-Son Halloween Costume

One of my favorite thingsabout Halloween is that people have the opportunity to be extremely creative when it comes to costumes.

I love seeing exactly how outrageous people can be with their Halloween costumes. And when it comes to people who excel at DIY run, the sky really is the limit as towhat they can create.

So when I spotted what one DIY dad was able to maketo wear with his very young son, I was utterly floored!

I procured this project on Imgur from user PutABowOnIt. The user shares details of her husband’s wildly creative Halloween idea, as well as photographs of her husband and son showing off the final product in the backyard.

I have find some two-person costumes before, but this one genuinely takes the cake. Use quite a few upcycled materials, this DIY dad made something that looks like it is straight out of the movie Avatar .

What do you think of this dad’s costume creation? Let us know in the comments!

Imgur user PutABowOnIt shared this creative attire that her husband Ryan designed for himself and their son Geraint.


She wrote that Ryan had been dreaming up this costume for quite a long time, even before Geraint was born.


She said that the idea came from a computer game that Ryan used to play in high school, although it genuinely looks like it belongs in some kind of big-budget, futuristic film.


She wrote that Ryan upcycled quite a bit in the construction. “With so much newborn stuff coming in the mail, we had plenty of boxes for him to work with, so he merely had to buy a few cases things to make it.”


It addition to the cardboard exterior, Ryan utilized PVC to generate the frame and tied everything together with zip ties. He also utilized “some foam board details to add a true 3D effect.”


The final results are absolutely incredible. Not merely does the costume look professionally induced, but Geraint adorably appears to be steering this large piece of machinery.


But, of course, Ryan is right there with his son the entire period. The Imgur user wrote that “the head and other pieces attach to the main body with Velcro tape.”


“The legs are supported by a belt, which is concealed under the body.”


“His arms slip into the handgun pods and … the feet merely fit over his shoes by gluing toilet paper tubes on the inside to take up the extra space.”


This proud mother and spouse concluded, “He did a wonderful job and I am so proud of him. It seems amazing and Geraint loves it.”


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