There’s A Diet Called The Anti-Candida Diet And It Frankly Saved My Life

Hello diary, I entail, internet. How are you? Good? Mediocre? Feeling like a sack of sad, fatigued potatoes?

If you answered the latter, same, dude. Same.

I’ve always had digestive issues( FUN !). I’ve had IBS and acid reflux since my teenage years. I have sensitivities to various foods which always build meal period a joyous treat. And quite the amaze! Will dinner gives people gas aches that have me doubled over in severe agony? Who knows ?!? Find out on this week’s episode of ARI’S INTESTINES ARE SUPER WEAK.

Let’s back up. In 2012, I was really sick. Really, truly, sick. Physicians ran tests and couldn’t find anything. I was very petite and maintained losing weight. And not on purpose. I was nauseated all day and even the smallest bit of food would make me feel like I was going to die. I’d bloat to the point that I appeared six months pregnant.

Basically, I was living in Hell.

I was afraid to have a social life. I felt ill so often, even glimmers of good moments became contained within obsessive believes. When will this end? When am I going to get sick again? I had to leave class often because I was in pain or feeling like my insides were going to explode in front of everyone. Which isn’t really how you want people to know you.

No one could give us answers. One of my doctors indicated I up the dosage of my anti-depressant. Another said to get started on an antibiotic” just to assure .”

Meanwhile, I was withering away. My body was becoming skeletal and desire to live was rapidly declining. Food was no longer enjoyable. I was constantly in pain. And all the while, it felt like the medical community was just trying to convince me this was all in my head.

My mom found a highly recommended naturopath and we devoted her a try. I’ll never be the person who thinks you should only rely on homeopathic formulae, but seeing her definitely turned me from a skeptic to person much more open-minded. And grateful. Unbelievably grateful.

Among the severe food sensitivities she detected I had( gluten! and dairy, which I knew but dismissed when I truly wanted ice cream ), I also tested positive for a major overgrowth of candida albicans. Here’s the thing, candida albicans is totally normal and we all have it! When there’s an okay level of it in the body, it merely peacefully hangs in the digestive tract( sometimes other places too !). Candida albicans yeast is a normal part of the gut vegetation .

The problem comes when these microbes multiply too much. She told mine was fairly off the charts. Basically, my digestive tract was ALL screwed up. She set me on a mix of herbal supplements to take that would help kill off the excess AND told me I’d need to follow something “ve called the” anti-candida diet for three months.

The diet is no joke. After she told me the foods I couldn’t eat, I gulped a little and asked,” So, um, what’s left ?”

Candida thrives on sugar. The easiest route to explain the diet is to say it’s a no sugar( or very, very, very low sugar) diet. This deprives the Candida from growing because you’re basically eliminating the food it uses and multiplies on.

For example…

Foods you can’t eat on the anti-Candida diet 😛 TAGEND Fruits high in sugar like bananas, mangos, grapes Wheat products( which is shivering since I detected no more gluten for moi !) Processed meats Dairy products Any artificial sweetener Also natural sweeteners like honey Alcohol( I entail, duh)

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