The Top 10 Ways 2016 Presidential Politics Are So 1840

Top 10 Ways 2016 Politics Are So 1840 “>

Old Tippecanoe William Henry Harrison is necessary spinning in his grave. The2 016 general elections is a terrible twin of the wild and crazy 1840 campaign that Old Tip ran with running mate John Tyler, too.

If David Letterman still had his late-night TV show, the two races would be grist for a Top Ten List: The Top Ten reasons that the 1840 and 2016 presidential races are so scarily alike.

10: Old people are candidates.

At age 67, Harrison was the oldest person to run for president up until then, and critics called him a granny. Hillary Clinton, 68, really is a granny. And 70 -year-old Donald Trumpthe oldest first-time presidential candidate everis an orange-haired grandpa.

9: Two rich guys claim to be champions of the common voter.

In the first image campaign, the Whig Party portrayed Harrison as a poor human living in a log cabinand sipping hard cider, though he really lived in a manor and drank fine wine. Before long, the Donald will be claiming he lives in a log Trump Tower and drinks Bud Light.

8: Presidential politics as entertainment.

The Whigs organized ogre rallies with miles-long parades of log cabin on wheels, live raccoons, marching bands, and a 15 -foot-high Harrison ball that was rolled from township to township. Former President Andrew Jackson explosion it as a campaign ofcabins, coons, and big balls.Trump started running a political Tv reality show in the primaries, and nobody ever told, Youre fired.

7: Vague campaign promises.

Trump have committed themselves to Make America Great Again, while the Whigs came up with the riveting motto, Harrison and Reform.

6: Groundbreaking roles of women.

Women became publicly involved in presidential politics for the first time in 1840, backing Harrison. Women cheered at rallies, waving hankies and even a red petticoat. Single females wore sashes with the slogan Whig Husbands Or None. Women began to think that someday females could even vote. A few even dreamt that a woman would run for president. Naw, that could never happen.

5: An establishment candidate.

Just as Republicans assault Hillary Clinton, Whigs attacked Harrisons opponent, President Martin Van Buren, as beholden to the pervert Washington establishment.They accused Little Matty of holding fancy parties for his backers to win support.

4: Mail scandals.

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