The One Mistake You’re Probably Building When You Drink Rose

Rose is perfect for barbecues in the summer, but it’s entirely possible you’ve been drinking it all wrong.

If you struggle to find the right foods to pair with your rose, Moet& Chandon winemaker Marie-Christine Osselin recently devoted HuffPost a helpful tip: think of rose like you would red wine. Don’t treat it like a white wine, as most of us do.

” Like red wine, rose pairs beautifully with foods like fish, meat, risotto and fruit salad, inducing it a great drink to enjoy with a snack ,” Osselin told.

” Typically red wine predominates meat dishes, but rose has the structure and body to complement the flavors of meat allowing you to enjoy both your dish and the drink, without one overwhelming the other ,” Osselin told. The winemaker suggested pairing rose with beef, veal, lamb, pork or duck.

If you’re feeling playful, Osselin suggested trying rose with burgers, lobster rolls, truffle fries, tacos or even Thai and Indian food. If you want play it safer, stick a sweeter rose with desserts, red berries or blue cheese.

Next time you’re picking out something to pair with a curry or duck dish, we say be bold and run rose all the way.

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