The internet does not love ‘Casino Mike’s’ lame graffiti joke

Artist Scott Marsh paints a mural of NSW Premier, Mike Baird holding a kebab and glass of wine surrounded by poker chips commenting on the Sydney lockout laws on April 17, 2016 in Sydney, Australia .
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Is a joke a joke when you workshop it for more than five months?

Mike Baird, the premier of New South Wales, Australia, policeman a shellacking on social media Sunday after he shared a picture on Facebook of himself posing with graffiti … of himself.

The artwork, which was out the back of Sydney’s The Lord Gladstone pub, proved Baird as “Casino Mike, “ complete with gambling chips, a cigarette and a glass of wine. Also, that time-honoured late-night snack, a kebab.

The name was given to the state politician in the midst of the Sydney lockout law protests, in which he was insured to have given concessions to big casinoes over small bars and live music venues.

In the post, Baird asked whether people knew the state had a “graffiti removal day.”

“Well, it does. And it’s today, ” he said. “Just saying.”

The comment section did not exactly* love* it.

“Maybe take note of what this is trying to tell you, gambling addiction is tearing family’s[ sic] apart in NSW and you’re doing nothing to fix it, you’re looking after the wealthy, while the middle class and poor get forced out of Sydney, ” one person wrote.

“I consider this one of the best and most relevant pieces of political art that’s come out in the past 12 months. Rethink ur strategy Premier, ” another commented.

The premier visited the pub back in May to take a portrait with his portrait, Pedestrian reported. He then apparently stored the snap on his camera roll until Sunday, Oct. 30, because the graffiti itself was removed a few months ago, The Lord Gladstone confirmed to Mashable .

Baird’s office has been contacted by Mashable for comment.

The work was created by artist Scott Marsh, also known for the infamous graffiti of Kanye kissing Kanye.

Marsh made his feelings known on Instagram, reposting one commenter who said: “Do you know that NSW will have a ‘Removal of current Premier day’ ?? Its[ sic] called next election.”

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