Splinter is coming! The Game of Thrones spin-offs the world deserves

Jaime and Cerseis teen romance? The bawdy truth about Young Bronn? The possibilities for expanding the Westeros universe are glorious and endless

Game of Thrones will definitely end with its eighth season in 2018 but worry not, because splinter is coming. HBO have announced audacious plans to extend their flagship franchise , commissioning four different novelists to develop spin-off projects that will explore different time periods of George RR Martins vast and rich cosmo. In other words, theyre going to fling lots of notions at the Wall to see what sticks. Here are some suggestions to ensure these continuations are more Frasier than Fear the Walking Dead.

Keeping Up with the Lannisters

George RR Martin hasnt actually finished writing The Winds of Winter, the long-gestating sixth volume in the A Song of Fire and Ice saga that Game of Thrones is based on. But cut him some slack. Over two decades, five hefty tomes and various short stories, the fantasy titan has sketched out a plausible, broad-strokes history of Westeros, from the First Men invading and colonising the continent many millennia ago to the dreaded Long Winter that necessitated the raising of the Wall a mere 7,000 years or so afterward. Theres no need to go back that far to find a promising defining for a juicy spin-off, though: who wouldnt want to watch the formative years of suspiciously close twins Cersei and Jaime, sharpening their statecraft and swordplay on the family seat of Casterly Rock while their tetchy father Tywin struggles with being a single papa. Imagine the OC with added OMG.

Our Fiend in the North

How did the Night King so wholly “losing ones” moral compass in a place where pretty much everywhere is north? Photograph: HBO

He may be cold as ice and willing to sacrifice but we dont actually know that much about Game of Throness implacable big baddie the Night King except that he can raise the freshly dead with a mere come at me bro gesture and, judging by his Darth-Maul-meets-Groot complexion, is in dire need of some winter skincare tips-off. So how did this former Nights Watch commander so entirely lose his moral compass in a place where pretty much everywhere is north? The full tragic, operatic backstory could unfold in flashbacks while the nascent Night King begins the preparations that will lead to his big push south, allowing us to glimpse what everyday life is like for those who scratch out a life on the wrong side of the Wall. Like: what do wights do when theyre not on assassination responsibility? Throw in some subplots about passionate wildlings and those mysterious children of the forest faerie folk and whammo: its Breaking Bad meets Vikings gratifies Once Upon a Time.

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