She Utilizes Bubble Wrap To Generate An Elegant Cake’ Topper’

Baking is a delicate art, and sometimes we all use a little help in the kitchen to build our tasty treats even more special. This awesome hack, courtesy of YouTube channel Cakes StepbyStep, is severely cool.

In this easy-to-follow video below, you’ll not only learn how to temper chocolate, but also how to create chocolate cake decoration using standard bubble wrap as a stencil, which creates an elegant basket, beehive, or even a coral look. Here, she goes for a chocolate basket cake and tops it with fresh fruit. This is something I would have never believed to be myself … and it’s genius!

All you need is a clean piece of bubble wrap and melted tempered chocolate. Just make sure to use a heated knife so as not to break the chocolate when you slice into it, and to let the chocolate to cool for at least 10 minutes before wrapping it around the cake. Your one piece of bubble wrap can be re-used.

With all the talented people attaining videos like this one, showing how to build things with easy steps, it’s like get a complete culinary education for free!

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