She Sucks At Modern Dating, But She Would Make An Amazing Girlfriend

Unsplash/ Iya Yakover

She sucks at modern dating, because even though she’s been coached to act emotionless, that isn’t something she is willing to do. She wears her heart on her sleeve, her emotions are written across her face.

She throws emojis and explanation phases into her texts. She will even text on occasion. She indicates her excitement instead of feigning indifference. She wants the people she cares about to see how much they mean to her.

She sucks at modern dating, because she is the impatient type. She doesn’t want to sit there, staring at the clock for an hour until it’s socially acceptable to text back. She doesn’t want to waste her period playing hard to get when she could be open and honest instead.

She has never consider the appeal in holding herself back. In pretending to be someone, someone who is okay with their crush with several people at once instead of choosing to settle down.

She struggles with modern dating, because she’s looking for something real. She’s not very interested in talking to someone for weeks without building things officer. She’s not going to or. She is on a quest for her forever person — and most people are scared off by that.

But after the hard part is over, after the flirting and first dates are finished, after you agree to start something serious with her, she would make an amazing girlfriend.

She would make an amazing girlfriend, because she is the definition of authentic. What you see is what you get. You won’t detect any concealed deal breakers after months of dating — because she’ll set all her flaws on display from the beginning. She won’t pretend to be anyone other than the woman she is.

She would make an amazing girlfriend, because she speaks her intellect. You will never have to ask her what she is thinking, because she will freely acknowledge it. She will tell you when she needs her space and when she wants you on top of her. You will never have to guess with her.

She would make an amazing girlfriend, because she is built for relationships. She loves the idea of snuggling on the lounge with a pair of books or spending all weekend in bed with you. She considers a night filled with boardgames and wine much more fun than making the crowded clubs.

She would make an amazing girlfriend, because she is skilled with all things sentimental. She will create scrapbooks of your memories. She will buy you gifts to remind you of your childhood. She puts guessed into everything she does, especially when she cares for someone as much as she’ll care for you.

She would make an amazing girlfriend, because she has been looking for a person like you for so long. She has been holding out for what she deserves. She will never take your love for granted, because she knows firsthand how hard it is to find a good guy.

She might suck at casual flirting, at one-night stands, at nearly relationships — but she would make one hell of a girlfriend.

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