Saint And North West Were The Cutest Models At Kanye’s Show

Attempting to keep up with the Kardashians was fun, like, nine years ago. We bought chunky belts. We pretended to be confident in cutout bathing suit. We wore hoop earrings to our grandpas funerals.

Now that Kim Kardashian West is a mama, though, and her babies are more effortlessly on-trend than any of us could ever hope to be, its merely getting embarrassing for us normals.

With New York Fashion Week upon us, Kanye Wests debut of Yeezy Season 4 has arrived to get us PSYCHED for beige hoodies again.

Kim rolled up to Roosevelt Island on Wednesday wearing a Yeezy-approved sweater dress and knee-high boots to insure her hubbys collection.

The couples daughter, North, 3, accompanied her mother and newborn brother, Saint, in a blue Life Of Pablo crewneck sweatshirt and no gasps( because shes a fucking toddler and society is not on her about pants yet ).

Kendall and Kylie Jenner also attended in Yeezy originals.

The sisters looked like three, sexy beige sofas just waiting for a Connecticut housewife to yell at you for spilling red wine on them.

Of the collection, Kanye told Vogue,

I want to attain pieces that can be timeless. Pieces that you can pick up out of a vintage store in 20 years and say, Wow, Im happy I have this.

Oh, Kanye, well always be happy to have flesh-toned leotards.

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