Ryan Devlin From” Are You The One ?” Talks Season Premiere( Tonight !) and Booze With The Betches

Last week we got the chance to interview the host of Are You The One ?, Ryan Devlin, before the big season premiere tonight on MTV. If you dont know what AYTO then please fucking train yourself with our recaps before watching season 4 tonight. Its basically the litter reality Tv that you never knew you needed for the summer- I mean, besides the bachelorette of course #obvi.

Check out what our guy RyDev( literally no one calls him that) had to say about this coming season, how to subject yourself to the fresh hell that is auditioning for this demonstrate, and the required booze for tonight.

1. What should we expect for the Season 4 premiere? This is crucial for figuring out how many bottles of wine well need to have available.

Forget the wine and duct tape a bottle of Grey Goose to your palm, because were starting this season hard and fast. A $250,000 spin, love at first sight, and some instant chemistry!

2. You’re merely on-screen for current challenges, the truth kiosk and the match-up ceremonies. Are you only chillin’ in Hawaii the rest of the time? Or do the cast-mates ever invite you to their crazy drunken parties?( Because they seem to have a lot of those)

When Im not with the cast Im usually working on the script, memorizing lines, or drinking my body weight in Mai Tais in order to get the liquid courage to ask the hard questions at the Match Up Ceremonies. Things can( and youll see this season) do get a little intense on that stage!

3. Be honest, does it slowly kill you inside, like it kills us watching at home, when contestants induce ridiculous decisions at the match-up?

I want these guys to win. I genuinely do. But they sure as hell dont make it easy on themselves do they? If you seem really closely, particularly as the seasons go on, you can see the look upon my face when someone makes an idiotic picking. Last season I had that look on my face a lot. I hope this season they arent as dumb.

4. So, we know the contestants are in the dark about who their match is, but are you?

I am. Which I like, as it sets me there as a representative of the audience. I try to ask the questions that I think the spectators would want to ask. I have my guess of who the matches are but theyre merely guesses.

5. Have there been any matches that you were astounded about?* cough, coughing Mike and Kiki, Cough* Or any non-matches that really surprised you?

Haha, yeah Im not sure about Mike and Kiki. And Chuck and Britney from last season seem awesome together but they weren’t a match. On the whole though, the matches genuinely make sense. Its not an exact science, but we put a lot of work into finding these matches. The entire show is built on the idea of a Perfect Match, so we take the casting process very seriously. Then you toss them into paradise with a swimming pool filled with vodka and see what happens.

6. Lets just say I wanted to audition for this show- very hypothetical, but not wholly out of the question. How does casting run? It would seem difficult because you a) have suck at dating, like a lot, and b) have to magically match up with another prospective contestant.

Its an EXHAUSTIVE process and the AYTO team does it amazingly. As for you and the readers, Im hearing rumors of Season 5 casting soon, so get your video submissions ready!

7. Have any of the contestants ever called you the voice of reason? Because they should.

Haha, theyve called me a LOT of things but never that. Usually its a bunch of expletives when they bone another Match Up Ceremony or Truth Booth. And when I get mad at them they call me Dad. Which Im cool with.

8. Have you been in contact with any old contestants? Any that you miss including with regard to?

Im not in regular contact with any of them, aside from a few tweets here and there. I wish the best for them though we go through an intense thing together on define and it brings us all shut. The S1 cast has a special place in my heart so Ill look forward to a reunion in like 10 years when theyre all old and bearing like me 😉

9. Youre on season 4 now- do you feel like youve pretty much watched it all at this phase? Or does the present never cease to surprise you?

As youll see this season the astounds only keep on coming.

10. Do you actually believe in all this MTV matchmaking?

I do. This show is really unique its way better than The Bachelor or any other dating depict on Tv. If they do it right, they all win. Nobody loses. And the present can end at ANY time. They could win in the first episode. Thats insane! Some find their perfect matches, some merely learn a lot about what they need in life, but I dont think theres been a single person who hasnt get something profound out of the experience. Except Dillan perhaps ;).

11. Im presuming the show is already over, and if so, do you watch the full episodes at home? What do you think of the way the contestants act when youre not on-screen?

I absolutely watch every episode. First off, the entire production squad puts a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into constructing the reveal and I love to see how it all comes together. And second, I love ensure all the crazy shit that goes down when dad is away from the house. My expectation is that this season may be among the craziest but also among the most truly fulfilling in terms of emotional connection and raw heart.

12. Whats your advice to anyone trying to find their perfect match that doesn’t have the help from MTV?

Build a Truth Booth in your backyard.

Well, you heard it here first. Be sure to check out Are You The One? tonight at 10/9 cs on MTV and fasho come back tomorrow to find our hilarious recap of it all. Youre welcome.



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