Peak rose: wine-flavored gummies now have over 3,000 people on waitlist

The pink wine has recently surged in popularity, becoming synonymous with all things summertime, so its no astound the candy spinoff is now a viral food

Ros-flavored gummies may be fancier than most viral foods, but like their rainbow bagel and overflowing milkshake counterparts, people are losing their intellects over them.

Before the candy made stores on Friday, it already had an over 3,300 -person waitlist, according to Sugarfina co-owner Rosie ONeill. Their website had crashed a few periods from the volume of traffic.

I knew it was definitely trendy, and so we expected it to be popular, but this has just altogether blown us away, ONeill said in a phone interview on Thursday.

The wine has recently surged in popularity, becoming synonymous with all things summertime. The Instagram hashtag # rosallday has over 35,000 posts, many of light pink wine against a scenic background. Entire brands have sprung up, such as Yes Way Ros, which created a host of garb to pair with the liquor that they call Summer Water.

ThePessimistOptimist (@ PessOpti) June 30, 2016

I want to know what love is, and I want ros gummy bears to show me. #sugarfina jyighArSzE

The ros gummies are non-alcoholic. A 4oz box will cost $8.50.

Upon release on Friday, the gummies could only be purchased in stores to those already on the waitlist, ONeill said. She said she expected them to sell out within an hour.

Described as a luxury candy boutique, Sugarfina was started by ONeill and her fiance, Josh Resnick, in California in 2012.

The ros gummies are construct in Europe. ONeill said the company typically ships their candy by boat, but, due to demand, is now instead air shipping them.

ONeill and Resnick work with a variety of upmarket brands to make their candies. Their champagne gummies are construct with Dom Perignon, for example. The ros gummies are construct with Whispering Angel, which is partially how the hype began.

Fans of the ros brand were excited about the candy and formed a 350 -person waitlist. ONeill said she mentioned this to a DNAinfo New York reporter at a launch event, who used the number in her headline. Also, Whoopi Goldberg mentioned the brand on the Jimmy Fallon Show earlier in the week.

The power of social media is just pretty intense, ONeill said of how word spread. We just watched it start build and build and build over the last couple days to where it is now.

Even before the ros, the brand had been growing in popularity. Their first store was opened in 2013. Currently, 17 are open, but by the end of the year, ONeill plans to open 21 standalone stores and 13 stores inside Nordstrom.

When it comes to the wine, ONeill doesnt think weve made peak ros just yet.

I suppose ros is going to be hot for a few more summertimes, she said.

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