Mom Pregnant With Triplets Gets A Big Surprise In The Delivery Room

Just before her 42 nd birthday, at 28 weeks pregnant, Kimberly Fugate went into labor. If that weren’t shocking enough, Kimberly didn’t know she was pregnant until she was 13 weeks along.

The news that she would be having triplets was another cherry on a very unexpected cake. With little time to prepare for her three babies, she and her husband, Craig could hardly handle what happened in the delivery room.

“It’s all been rather overwhelming when you think about how many changes will have to be made, ” Fugate tells People . “But I am just trying to take everything one day at a time. I know it will all work out.”

Sometimes pregnancies can go from ordinary to extraordinary in an instant. Another couple, Sarah and BillImbierowicz unexpectedly had two defines of triplets; they took it as a boon rather than an unexpected hurdle.

See how Kimberly’s life was wholly changed in a single moment!

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In 2013, Kimberly Fugate got pregnant in her early forties. The mama, who was already mother to a 10 -year-old daughter, Katelyn, was expecting triplets rare triplets at that. She and her husband, Craig conceived the babies without IVF. That’s almost unheard of!

Just before her 42 nd birthday, after delivering three identical girls, doctors told her there was a little more in store.

“They had get the three out and they said,’ More feet, ’” Kimberly told CNN. “I said,’ No! ’ It was an instant shock.”

Kimberly and Craig had produced four identical quadruplet girls. Their names and birth order: Kenleigh Rosa, Kristen Sue, Kayleigh Pearl, andKelsey Roxanne.

The odds of conceiving spontaneous quadruplets are 1 to 729,000. However the odds that they would be identical are almost incalculable at about 13 million to one.

Their doctor, James Bofill was mystified! “I was very embarrassed, patently, ” Bofill said. “The news was sent to me by one of my fellows. I thought she was kidding.”

A year after delivering the babies, Kimberly told Today that she is loving motherhood.

“Just get up in the morning and find the smiles on their faces, hearing them coo at me and listening to them babble at one another the exhilaration is overwhelming. I know every mama is partial to her babies, but I feel like I have the prettiest babies with the prettiest smiles. And those dimples …

The babies were the biggest amaze of my life, and I couldnt imagine my life without them.”

“I believed that God picked me to have these quadruplets, and I felt that He would take care of them and allow them to survive. To see how far theyve come makes me feel very blessed, ” she said.

“I feel very lucky, like the luckiest mama in the whole world, ” she said. “I wasnt scheming on starting over with more children, and many things have changed since I had my quadruplets, Kenleigh, Kristen, Kayleigh and Kelsey.”

See more of Kimberly and Craig’s amazing amaze quadruplets in the video below!

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