Minimum alcohol price law unveiled

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A law to defined a minimum cost for selling alcohol in Wales has been unveiled.

Ministers believe tackling excessive drinking could save a life a week and mean 1,400 fewer hospital admissions a year.

Pricing is seen as a “missing link” in public health attempts, alongside better awareness and treatment.

Under a 50 p-a-unit formula, a typical can of cider would be at least PS1 and a bottle of wine at the least PS4. 69.

A typical litre of vodka, for example, would have to cost more than PS20.

Alcohol experts from Sheffield University have studied the health image, drinks marketplace and intake patterns in Wales.

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Media captionA 30 -second guide to how the minimum price for alcohol is worked out

The research has helped produce a formula based on the percentage strength of the alcohol and its volume to develop the minimum division cost( MUP ).

While alcohol consumption levels have been falling in recent years, health officers are concerned that 😛 TAGEND Binge drinking is still a problem with young person; there is also an issue with the over-5 0s There were 463 alcohol-related deaths in Wales in 2015 -1 6 There were 54,000 alcohol-related hospital admissions ‘Decades’ to reduce alcohol-related demises Sporty people more likely to drink more alcohol Wales tops binge-drinking statistics Save the NHS PS6. 5m a year by reducing the impact on hospitals Boost the Welsh economy by PS44m a year by reducing workplace absence and crime. Researchers said 42% of the alcohol bought by high-risk drinkers in poverty is of the cheaper variety – against 21% for moderate drinkers in poverty. But officers believe more affluent high-risk drinkers will also respond to cost changes and they insisted it was not a tax but a tool to change behaviour. Media captionAlex Loveland, who supports people with alcohol problems, said they might be put under stres Media captionRebecca Evans emphasised that it was not a taxation but would be tackle problem drinking

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