Millennial Moms Reveal What Actually Saves Them Time

Remember when Mick Jagger sang Time Is On My Side? Yeah, we do too, and even after all these years, we still cant associate. All too often, period can feel like a limited resource. There never seems to be enough of it, and what we do have feels like its depleting faster than the North American honey bee population.

This struggle is especially real for new Millennial moms, whose schedules tend to torpedo out of control the moment their little bundle of joy makes an appearance.

Heres the good news, though: With a little imagination, some planning ahead and a dash of modern technology, its possible to make small changes guaranteed to save you some of that precious hour( not to mention sanity) in the long run.

Here are some tips and tricks that Millennialmoms swear by.

1. Embrace the undone beauty look( its hot right now, we promise ).

From runway models to beauty bloggers to social media celebs, bushy brows and grown out roots( well call it ombre) seem to be everywhere. So cancel your monthly salon appointment and jump on the au naturel train youll save yourself hour and fund , not to mention up your cool factor by taking after the it-girls of the moment.

2. Try your hand at dinner prepping.

Those colorful arrays of stocked Tupperware receptacles arent just for bodybuilders on Instagram. Hit up the farmers market on Sunday to stock up on organic fruits and veggies for the week( also an adorable family photo op !) and attain some big batch recipes like stews and stir-fries to stock your freezer for those working days when you simply cant.

3. Skip the daily cleans and join the dry-shampoo fan club.

Youve heard it before: Dry shampoo is more than a product its a way of life. It allows you to go one, two, or even three days( depending on hair form) between rinses by resurrecting dirty roots and keeping hair appearing fresh. Just useBatiste Dry Shampoo the next time you need to quickly spruce up your looking, and you’ll be out the door in no time.

4. Make ironing obsolete and use steam to banish wrinkles.

Unless youre a fictionalized housewife circa 1950, “youre supposed to” dont have time to slave over a hot iron, pressing your clothes to perfection. Instead, hang wrinkled garments in the bathroom when you luck outand find timetotake a hot rain. Let the steam do the work for you you deserve it.

5. Start shopping online for home and newborn essentials.

Eliminate those notorious storemeltdowns( your children AND your own) by setting up recurring deliveries for the necessities youll require restocked on a regular basis, like diapers and toilet paper. Buying in bulk will also save you money, which you can put in your wine money. Note: If youre a new mommy who doesnt have a wine fund, its time to set one up.

6. Attempt out multitasking makeup.

Streamline your morning routine by choosing a foundation that moisturizes AND includes an SPF. Itll mean fewer products that you have to slather on after those sleepless nights, as well as healthy and protected skin as you take on your day.

7. Maintain your intellect sharp and your hands free with audiobooks.

Demanding infants and jam-packed schedules dont have to mean the end of your intellectual quests. Load up your smartphone with your favorite genre of book and listen in the car or when youre up for those working 3 am feedings. Podcasts also offer excellent hands-free entertainment when you merely cant bring yourself to watch another episode of The Wiggles .

8. Treat yourself to gel manicures/ pedicures.

Loathe the appear of naked fingernails but no longer have the time for weekly appointments? Springtime for gel mani/ pedis they generally last for two weeks or longer, and gel is route more difficult to chip than normal polish. Perfect for a hands-on mom.

9. Trench the nappy container in favor of a chic, multi-purpose tote.

Nothing screamings Ive given up like a plastic-y diaper bag covered in farm animal publish. Instead, opt for an oversized leather carry-all from your favorite brand. Prefer one that can go from a play date to a run session to a night out, and youll avoid the bag lady seem while also saving yourself some running around time in the process.

10. Start swiping your babys bath products.

It doesnt count as stealing if youre the one who bought it in the first place, right? Baby wipes and newborn petroleum both build top-notch makeup removers, and generally contain route fewer chemicals than adult products, attaining them perfect for sensitive scalp. Save yourself a journey to the pharmacy and teach your child how to share.

11. Switch up your workout preferences to fit into your new routine.

Getting into stroller-friendly workouts like jogging or good old-fashioned strolling will save you the time( not to mention money !) that it takes to coordinate childcare while you sweat. Not a fan of the great outdoors? Sign your child up for swim lessons or children classes at the local gym, and rest easy knowing that theyre gaining valuable abilities while you murder that spin class.

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