#MemeHistory Is Twitter’s Way Of Teaching Us All About History

Anyone who knows a educator knows that it’s not an easy task. The divide between generations in regards to technology and the Internet is vast.

So perhaps #MemeHistory is the answer. There’s a hashtag sweeping the Twittersphere right now, and it might change the way we teach history.

OK, maybe not, but it is hilarious.

When Nixon was asked about Watergate.


Noah when it started raining and everyone tried to apologize and get on the ark.


When George W. Bush was told about Hurricane Katrina.


When Peter was asked if he’s one of Jesus’ disciples.


When Moses parted the Red Sea.


When Switzerland found out there was a World War.


When David killed Goliath.


When Paul Revere considered the British coming.


When people told FDR he couldn’t run for a third term.


When Bill Clinton denied having sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky.


When you were at a party where Jesus turned water into wine.


When the Romans insured Jesus walking around days after they crucified him.


When the bus driver told Rosa Parks she had to move to the back.


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