Human Leaves The Altar During His Marriage To Deliver His Vows To The Bride’s Daughter

Weddings are such big affairs, people can get lost in the details. Are the flowers pretty enough? Do the centerpieces appear good? Is everyone going to think the cake tastes great?

While the details are important, as you want a bridal to go by smoothly and everyone loves to look at the pictures, the little details aren’t the most important point. Arguably the most important part of a marriage is the pledges. That’s whenthe couple promises what they can expect from each other in married life. Some pledges are so emotional, there isn’t a dry eye in the house. But it’s also great when couples havefunny pledges, just like this Canadian couple!

Thisgroom leavesthe altar during the wedding pledges and stuns his new bride and their guests. The priest has no idea how to react. When it’s time to say their pledges, the groomtellseveryone to hold on, as he kneels in front of his new bride’s daughter. As her new parent, he has a promise to stimulate to her, just like “hes to” make one to her mother. After listening to him promise to love her more than anything, you can only guess that everyone isin tears. I couldn’t fight them off either! It was the best shock I’m sure that bride has in the past get. Have you ever seen anything like this before?

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