Lamb Chops, For All Your Spring Holiday Needs

So, the Easter Feaster or Passover Seder has somehow fallen on you this year. Half the family is demanding ham. Half are demanding lamb. Since one of those things arrives precooked and needs to be heated and, well, thats it, lets focus on lamb.

Whether youre celebrating Easter or Passover, lamb has a centre place on the table. If youve never cooked it and have literally no fucking idea what youre doing, were here to help because, well, were just really nice that way.

Heres a simple as shit recipe for lamb chopsmuch much MUCH easier than doing a full leg.


8 loin lamb chops, each about 1 inch thick( patently buy more if youre feeding a mob) cup Dijon mustard 3 tbsps brown sugar Salt and pepper 2 tbsps olive oil

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