How To Never Splatter Your Batter Again

Sure, cake is great, but in my humble sentiment, the batter is even better.

I love licking it off my thumb, a blade from a mixer, or even the side of the bowl. I know Im not alone, because if I werecake batter popcorn, milkshakes, or truffles wouldnt be a thing .

In fact, cake batters merely problem is the mess it can leave behind. If can end up in your clothes, or on the wall. Or in your hair.

The mess can lead to stress but that doesnt need to be a reality any more.

In fact, weve found a really cool hack that will prevent you from get splattered cake batter on you ever again. And all you need area few materials that “youre supposed to” have lying around the house.

This nifty little trick is so simple and smart, I cant believe I havent been building cake this way my entire life it attains so much sense!

After watching this video, Im sure youll be telling your friends all about this cool hack, which is especially helpful if you dont have an apron. It’s genuinely a great resolving for an every day problem

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