Here’s Everything You Missed At Coachella If You Didn’t Have VIP Access

The Coachella Music and Arts Festival is a magical place. Its everything you see in photos and more. Ive lived Coachella vicariously through friends, celebs and random people I follow on social media for years, but this year I actually got to attend.

The first two days were incredible. My co-worker Katie and I were encompassing the festival and some of the hottest parties, and Id be lying if I didnt acknowledge its the most -Alist Ive ever felt and honestly the coolest Ailment likely ever be again.

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Those first two days, we snapped pics( soooo many pics ), listened to unbelievable music and took in all the festival style. We had very few objections. We also had general admission wristbands( which involvedA LOT of walking ).

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We learned quickly there are two very different worlds at Coachella. Theres the VIP world, and then theres everybody else. Behind the white picket fences of the restricted-access areas of the festival, lies a beautiful sanctuary.

On Sunday, we were invited to attend an Outstanding in the Field dinner with Hoxie wines and world-renowned cooks on the festival grounds. With that invite, went the coveted VIP wristband.

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Im not exaggerating when I tell being a VIP at Coachella is 100 percent as glamorous as it seems. Let me depict you

First of all, the VIP areas are markedly less crowded.

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Even the bathroom entryways are well-manicured, and lines are practically non-existent( especially compared to the wrap-around lines for the oneson the rest of the grounds ).

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Theres a freakin rose garden. In the desert. Just let that sink in.

Obviously your food options are style better and route more bougie.Getting more alcohol is simple, too just take a leisurely stroll to one of the open bars in a shaded area.

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And what about the music? Listen from a comfy distance with views of the best stages, and when you really want to see person, saunter on out to the side of the stage( before rapidly running back into your gated community ).

This is definitely where the celebs congregate, and although we didnt run into any in our short time as VIPs, it was probably just because we were too confused by the fact that there were charging stations for our telephones and water refill stations without a line a mile long.

Oh, and then there was the Outstanding in the Field Dinner, which was described on the Coachella website as an outdoor desert dining experience like no other. A four-course, household style, seated dinner in a luxurious, shaded setting.

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As DJ Khaled took the stage in the background( at a very comfortable away ), we sat down to our incredible meal under white lightings in a picturesque corner of the rose garden.

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We sipped on an exclusive wine collaboration by Josh Rosenstein ofHoxie Spritzers and Andrew Jones ofField Recordingswhile feasting on food created byfamous LAchefs Alvin Cailan( Egg Slut/ Unit1 20 ), Nakul& Arjun Mahendro( Badmaash) and Bruce Kalman( Union/ Knead& Co. Pasta Bar ).

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Obviously the food was unbelievable, as was the wine. And yeah, the fact that I got to try Foxe, the exclusive ros spritzer named Cactus Cooler( based on the citrus flavors and desert inspiration ), while knowing there were only 86 occurrences bottled, was kind of the cherry on top of my celeb status that evening.

Ill be honest, being a VIP doesnt feel like the authentic style to experience a music celebration like Coachella, but it surely explains a lot about the perfect snaps I consider on celebs social media. It also explains why celebs are so eager to go back year after year.

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I have major respect for the festival goers who spend their nights in tents, trek through the dust to ensure their favorite artists, stand in lines for hours simply to get things like water and go to the bathroom and STILL look every bit of #festivalgoals because being a Coachella queen( or king) is a whole lot easier with those three little letters: V-I-P.

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