Guy’s Heartbroken Snapchats After Breakup Will Make You Want To Be His Rebound

Breakups can be the most difficult and tumultuous periods in a young person life.

Suddenly, someone you were tremendously close to and intimate with is excised from your life. Youre then left adrift in the harsh, brutal desert that is the world.

Um, that was intense. I think Im “re going through” some stuff.

OK, so Snapchat user Azam was broken up with. But instead of doing what normal people do namely drinking white wine in bed while masturbating to sad memories( right ?) he proceeded to Snapchat a series of extremely creative, extremely sad and highly copious puns about his heartbreak.

I dont really know what to say about these, other than remind you to admire them for their cleverness, grace and emotional heft.

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