He was born to a virgin — on a glorious night the sky filled with angels proclaiming the Good News.

Oh, the herald angels did sing! Glory to the newborn king, they declared.

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Shepherds arrived, as did Wise Men from the East — bearing gems for the promised One.

It was as the oracles foretold.

The child grew into a human a great teacher a human of miracles.

He turned water into wine, gave sight to the blind, raised a dead man from the grave.

And yet the route He strolled would one day take him to the Via Dolorosa — the route of suffering. Betrayed for 30 pieces of silver.

He was beaten for our infractions, bruised for our iniquities.

Humanity’s only hope of redemption was nailed to a cross.

The Scriptures describe unimaginable agony — and yet this human from Galilee — pleaded with his Father — forgive them.

And then he died — the Lamb was sacrificed.

What happened on Friday was Good –but what happened three days later was even better.

Our Lord is risen, my friends. He is risen, indeed.

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