DIY Chevron Table Makes For Beautiful Summer Decor

Cool summer nights are, more often than not, best spent outdoors.

When Imgur user PixelsOnFire wanted to start throwing movie-screening parties in his backyard, he realise his outdoor space would need a little bit of redecorating before it could comfortably accommodate his vision.

He decided to tap into his DIY-ing skills and build a low-sitting table, lined with pouf seating, and topped with a beautiful chevron pattern — a perfect party-friendly setup.

After framing out his table’s shape, this builder cut, sanded, and stained hundreds of small wooden pieces to line the structure’s top. Once he’d carefully taunted up his gorgeous zig-zagged design, he glued each plank in place, and covered the entire surface in can after can of polyurethane.

In simply a few days’ time, his lovely low terrace table was complete. Adorned with adorable lamps and surrounded with cozy cushions, this builder abruptly gifted his yard a gorgeous new focal point, ready to house all sorts of fun summertime get-togethers.

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Imgur user PixelsOnFire loved the idea of setting up a big outdoor movie screen and inviting friends over for a viewing party.

However, whilst gazing out upon his backyard’s present accommodations, he soon realise he didn’t own the right furniture to hurl such a party. To induce his dream at all feasible, he’d require some sort of patio table, around which all his guests could comfortably lounge and relax.

So, this crafty builder began constructing such a table — low to the ground to best optimize his guests’ movie-viewing sight lines.


To start his table build, this DIY-er framed out its structure.

He decided to include a cross-section supporting, for added stability.


To gauge his table legs’ heights appropriately, this builder measured the legs against the poufs he’d chosen to scatter around the table-to-be’s perimeter.


Once the table legs were in place, he began laying particle board across the piece’s top.


Then, it was time to chevron.

He and his lovely lady chose to adorn their table with a cute chevron pattern.

This dynamic duo worked together, cutting and sanding hundreds of different wooden pieces to bring their dream design to life.


They prepped a seemingly endless supply of wooden pieces, staining different pieces different colorings, to give their design added intrigue.

Once every piece dried, they began taunting up their tabletop’s perspective pattern.


After positioning and repositioning different wooden panels just so, they finally configured their ideal layout.


To fill in little gaps along the table’s sides, this builder wedged smaller scraps into each empty groove.


Once every piece was glued in place, he sawed off any extra fragments hanging over his table’s edge, and sanded down each side.

Entirely coated in multiple cans’ worth of polyurethane, his beautiful creation was eventually ready to comfortably accommodate his guests.


In simply a few days’ time, this crafty DIY-er designed and built a gorgeous low-sitting outdoor table, perfect for movie night fun.

What do you think about this low chevron table? Have you ever built a table like this? Tell us about your build in specific comments below.

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