Couple Uncovers The Genders Of Their Triplets With Colorful Layered Cake

I‘ve never understood how some new parents can wait until their little bundle of joy is born to know its gender. Aside from planning a name ahead of hour, something that can take a lot of backward and forward between the mom and dad’s ideas, I merely couldn’t stand the mystery!

That’s definitely amplified when you have a couple who’s expecting more than one child at a time. Detecting out you’re pregnant with multiples is already a pretty shocking discovery, so it stimulates sense they wouldn’t want even more astonishes in the delivery room. Plus, you are able to record a timeless memory when you spill the beans in front of your friends and family! There’s no doubting the Maybin family will remember the moment they discovered who their three new siblings will be, or when the Howell family broke their 50/50 gender streak.

For Kyle and Heather Glover, they were just get their little family started when they were told they’d be greeting triplets to their home. When the time eventually came to figure out whether they would be having little princesses or cowboys, they met their loved ones for a scrumptious cake disclose. With three layers marked A, B, and C, the dad-to-be carefully slices into each one to see if it’s blue or pink inside.

The first layer is sort of hard to tell, but it’s definitely a girl! Mom is thrilled, but Dad definitely looks like he had his heart set on a brood of sons. Fortunately, the next layer is bright blue!

Take a look to see what their final little one is, and be sure to SHARE the sweet moment with your friends!

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