Blue Wine Is A Thing Now

Everybody knows that red wine is for red meat, white wine is for white meat, and rose is for, well, whatever rose is for. But what about blue wine? What does that go with? We have no idea. It’s not something we’ve ever had to think about before. Until now that is.

Because believe it or not, blue wine is now actually a thing thanks to Gik, a Spanish startup that’s hoping to redefine our drinking experience. They induced it in collaboration with the University of the Basque Country and Azti Tecnecalia, a food research team, and the wine consists of both red and white grapes sourced from various vineyards across Spain. The blue tint comes from a combination of anthocyanin( a pigment found in grape scalp) and indigo dye, and as Gik explains on their website, they chose the colouring because it represents “movement, innovation and infinity.” The wine will soon be available throughout selected countries in Europe, and each bottle will cost around PS8.

Forget red and white , now blue wine is a thing

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