Be Prepared For The Autumn Of Red And White. Blue Wine Is A Thing Now

Love wine but dislike the colouring of the St George’s cross and refuse to take Ros seriously? You’re in luck .

A Spanish start-up named Gik have teamed up with theUniversity of the Basque Country and Azti Tecnecalia( a food research team) and generated a wine for people who plainly don’t like the savour but want to look kooky and interesting on Instagram…

It’s blue.

It’s made from both red and white grapes and the colour comes fromanthocyanin( a pigment from grape skin) and a bit of indigo dye … doesn’t actually sound like you’d require a University research team behind you to find out that blue dye turns things blue…

On the website, Gik described the reasoning for the blueness asthe colouring represents fluidity and change, as well as movement, invention, and infinity. Also they needed a gimmick because their wine was sub par? Merely a thought.

Nevertheless, the wine will be available in the UK, France, Netherlands and Germany in the next few month with a bottle setting you back 8.

Or you can sell your soul and drink some WKD out of a fancy glass and call it quits.

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