Awesome: When A Little Girl Told Neil DeGrasse Tyson She Wanted To Live On Jupiter, He Entirely Shut Her Down

Get ready for the most incredible science win ever, delivered by none other than Neil deGrasse Tyson. Hes pretty much the monarch when it is necessary to shutting down people who peddle bad science, but this most recent lawsuit totally takes the cake: When an 8-year-old told the badass astrophysicist that she wanted to live on Jupiter, he totally shut her down employing science.

Amazing! How many times can Neil deGrasse Tyson win the internet?

The epic science burn happened toward the end of one of Neils lecturings at the Hayden Planetarium in New York last weekend. Third-grader Liza Collins was attending the lecture with her mothers, and during the Q& A conference, she created her hand and told Neil that she wanted to live on Jupiter. But Neil wasnt about to let herand her bunk scienceoff the hook.

What happened next was nothing short of pure NdT gold.

Hold on, you want to live where? Tyson told. On a planet built altogether of unbreathable gases? One that doesnt even have a bumpy surface you could stand on? A planet that would take you six years to even get to? Thats where you want to live? Because thats Jupiter. Enjoy your great new home!

Needless to say, the girl had ZERO response!

And of course, Neil didnt let it objective there. After the event, the Cosmos host took to Twitter to really show Liza whats what.

Awesome. Science FTW!

First it was climate change skeptics, then it was the shaky physics behind Gravity and Interstellar , and now its 8-year-old Liza Collinsthey all prove that Neil deGrasse Tyson and science are literally the greatest things of all time. Keep doing you, Neil!

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