Atlanta Braves stadium to sell beer built with baseball bat shavings

When Atlantas new SunTrust Park opens for regular-season play on April 14, Braves fans will have the opportunity to experience baseball like never before.

More specifically, theyll be able to taste it.

With some help from the Terrapin Beer Company of Athens, Ga ., SunTrust Park will be offering a brand-new “Chopsecutioner” beer which is aged atop timber from real Mizuno baseball bats.

Theres some trash from bats from when they spin them down or carve them down, and thats the product that we use to age the brew, Terrapin brewmaster Brian Spike Buckowski told CBS.


Buckowski also has pointed out that immersing wood in casks of brew isnt a new process, and that its often done with other types of wood to impart flavor.

You was in fact age something on timber chips or spirals or honeycombs. You can also age beer in bourbon barrels, wine barrels, and extract brews like that, he added.

Furthermore, the Chopsecutioner IPA which was actually developed at Terrapins small brewing outpost inside the new SunTrust Park isnt technically the first brew to be brewed with baseball bats. According to Beer Street Journal, Left Hand Brewing of Longmont, Colo ., introduced a brew aged atop Louisville Sluggers in 2013.

SunTrust Park, however, might be the first Major League stadium to truly espouse this type of bat-aged beverage, posits Food and Wine.

Buckowski, too, agreed that Terrapins Chopsecutioner, at just 5 percent alcohol by volume, is better for sipping at sporting events than Terrapins heavier Hopsecutioner IPA, which clocks in at over 7 percent ABV and also served as inspiration for the Chopsecutioner.

When Im sitting in the hot sun watching a baseball game, 7.3 percentage alcohol brew is pretty tough, especially if you have a couple, Buckowski said of his Hopsecutioner.

Chopsecutioner will be on draft exclusively at SunTrust Park through the Atlanta Braves entire 2017 season.

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