aEUR~ Golden GirlsaEUR( tm) Granny Panties Are Apparently A Thing Now

Candice Pugh is a stay-at-home mom in Utah who creates fun and unexpected “granny panty” designs that she sells to pop-culture-savvy dames through her Etsy shop. One of her most recent outrageously awesome designs, however, has taken the cake- she generated a 4-piece series of’ Golden Girls’ granny panties featuring the faces of America’s favorite older dames!

The’ Blanche’ panties are the icing on the cake. Of the four “Golden Girls, ” Blanche was the most preoccupied with humen, so her panties were induced crotchless.

Check out Pugh’s Etsy for more crazy grandmother panties!

You can find these panties on Etsy

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