8 Little Things To Remember When You Feel Like Everything Is Against You

Youve had a really down right awful week. Everything that they are able go wrong went wrong. Just like the saying goes, when it rains it pours. Thats how last week feel for me. My washer violated, my automobile got towed, my shower stopped draining water, I wasnt getting my paychecks, my roommate and I got stuck driving in the snowfall and everyone just passed by without any sign of acknowledgement, and thats only the start of it.

I know Im not the only one who has these weeks, because thats life. As much as it sucked( I almost felt like I was literally just waiting for the next thing to go wrong) it taught me a lot.

1. Notice whos there for you when things get tough.

Like I said, my auto got towed. My day usually starts around 6 a.m. and who wants to drive someone to work at that time? Apparently, most of my friends. I told them my vehicle got towed and I was actually shocked by how many of them told me I could take their vehicles or they could drive me where I need to go. Even the old person that lives down the street told me I could knock on his doorway and he could bring me anywhere if I required because he saw it happen. These people are special and I appreciate them, so next time one of your friends is in a rough patch help them because you never know when you might need the favor returned.

2. Its never as bad as it seems.

Of everything that happened to me nothing was unfixable. I still have my health, a roof over my head and food in my belly; I am great. When life starts throwing negative thing after negative thing at you, you need to remember to maintain a positive mindset. Even if its everything sucks but Im still happy. Be happy to be alive, you need to experience the lows sometimes to recollect how luck you are on a normal basis.

3. People wont feel sorry for you.

You can throw yourself a pity party, but dont expect others to join in. Everyone might tell you what youre going through sucks, but no one else is experiencing it first hand besides you. Everyone else has their own problems they are going through and they dont have the time or energy to waste sympathizing your life also.

4. Life goes on.

Its only temporary; everything in life is only temporary. Its only a bad day or a bad week, but its not a bad life. I am extremely grateful for everything I have and I will willingly admit that I am pretty dang luck. Despite the bad that might be going on, it doesnt mean you should doubt things. Things will turn around and you will be OK.

5. Keep a positive mindset.

I cant stress this enough. Negativity breeds negativity. You know those people who always blame everyone else for their own misery? Or the people who guesses life owes them something? Its because they cant get past the negative mindset. Once you lose a strong positive mindset, you let the toxic, negative one take over that will never result in happiness.

6. Appreciate every little good thing to come out of the nasty experiences.

You didnt burn your toast? AWESOME! You slept through the whole night? Thats great! If you dont take a minute to appreciate the good things that are happening, even if its merely the little mundane things “youve never” think about like not burning the toast, youll miss out on a lot of gratitude. If all you have in mind is all the bad things that is all youll notification, so make sure you appreciate the little things.

7. Be kind to everyone.

This week might be tough on you, but that doesnt entail its merely tough on you. There are more people than just you that are having a bad day or a bad week, so be kind to everyone. You never know what they are going through, and especially after going through your own week of personal hell you would hope everyone would be nice to you, right? So be kind to others. After all its no ones flaw my washer violated, so theres no phase in me taking it out on others.

8. Laugh.

It actually helps. Instead of being upset over things going wrong merely laugh it off. Grab a glass of wine and chuckle about it. Sure it sucks now, but youll make it through it and everything will go back to normal soon. Redirect the rage youre impression, I promise it will help you get through it more.

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