6 Fresh Date Ideas For Couples Who Can’t Agree On How To Spend Valentine’s Day

There is no right or wrong way to feel about Valentine’s Day.If you and your significant other just cant agree on how to celebrate Valentines Day, here are some alternative ideas to try out 😛 TAGEND

1. You Know That Random Thing Youve BeenDyingTo Do Together? Go Do It.

You donthaveto book fancy dinner reservations and destroy your bank account just because Valentines Day.

Instead, think of thatonething youve been anxious to do for a while. Perhaps youve talks to taking a dance class together, but never got around to it. Perhaps youve wanted to check out a local vineyard or brewery for a tasting.

Or, if youre extra competitive, perhaps youve wanted to destroy one another in a game of paintball. Stop procrastinate! Use Valentines Day as an excuse to do something new, even if its not considered romantic.

2. Learn Something New About Each Other.

You probablythinkyou know every last detail about your significant other, but odds are, “youre supposed to” dont.( And thats okay .) How about staying in this Valentines Day, saving a little money, and having a meaningful dialogue with your partner?

This may sound cheesy, but here me out: Search for a list of date night questions to ask one another. Youll find a ton on Google or Pinterest, and be sure to pick a listing that requires you to be especially honest with one another. Youll cover topics from your relationship, to your childhood, to your biggest fears.

So, crack open a bottle of wine, cuddle up on the sofa, and consider where the issues to result( Personally, I tried this out with my boyfriend at the bar one night, and it actually ran pretty well, just FYI .)

This is even better for newer couples who are still in the test phase of a relationship. Just be prepared to learna lotabout each other.

3. Recreate A Past Date.

If youre stuck on procuring something fresh this Valentines Day, how about recreating a moment that led to the two of you falling in love?

Re-watch the first movie you ever ensure together, grab a beer at that little hole-in-the-wall bar you received during a night out, or go consider a comedy show at the same place you went to on your anniversary last year.

Or, if your first date was over a game of beer pong( like mine ), throw yourselves a little house party, just the two of you.

Everyone loves a little nostalgia, right? Who knows, it may even rekindle those just started dating impressions.( You know, when you still rained every day and made out with one another in public .)

4. Attain It About Your Friends Instead.

If youd instead skip the whole romance thing, then how about calling up some friends?

Plan for each of you to spend time with some close cronies that might need a little company. Your single girlfriends could probably use a night out, and theres no doubt the guys would be up for a journey to the bar.

To some, Valentines Day carries a lot of mixed feelings, and the most altruistic gesture as a friend is to make sure they dont spend it alone.

5. Scheme A Staycation.

Heres an idea: Drive an hour outside of your city, find a hotel, and map out new places to explore.

You actually dont need to leave the nation( or the country) to experience romance. Its incredible what youll find so close to home!

As simple as it may be, getting out of the house, taking a drive, checking out new bars, and vegging out on hotel room service isalwaysa good time.

6. If All Else Fails, Netflix.

Ah, the Netflix and chill for long-term couples: Where it literally means to watch Netflix and chill .( And by chill, I mean sit on the couch .) If youre just not feeling up for anything this Valentines Day, then screw it: grab a 12 -pack, order a pizza and binge watch Parks and Recreation for the third time.

Being totally lazy together on a day dedicated to being the total opposite is irony( and love) at its finest.( And who knows, perhaps the chill part wont end up being sochill, if you catch my drift .)

At the end of the day, all that matters is finding a middle ground that works for both of you.

Compromising on Valentines Day can be tough, but hey, thats part of being in a relationship, right?

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