6 Amazing Drugstore Mascaras That Cost Less Than What You’d Spend On Wine

Summer has hardly started and Im already calculating how much I’ve sabotaged my bank account with my swimsuit online shopping habit obsession. Spoiler: it’s not pretty. And because Im an adult my parents refuse to fund my lifestyle, I now need to save money in other areas of my life by, like, cutting out regular meals, stealing toilet paper rolls from work, and buying my mascara at the pharmacy. I genuinely result a captivated life. But luckily for us, there are actually tons of inexpensive mascara alternatives out there so we can save money for something that really improves a persons beauty: alcohol. Blessings. So here are six drugstore mascaras that will please even your inexpensive ass 😀 TAG 8 TT

The Best Mascara For Volume

You may recognize this brand from middle school when you stayed up late see wannabe aspiring models butcher the English speech in an attempt to win over Tyra Banks in their commercial shoot. Aside from giving me valuable life hair lessons via the traumatizing makeover episodes, also brought CoverGirl LashBlast Mascara into my life and it really fucking works. Who knew. Its a go-to for anyone who wants clump-free voluminous lashes( so everyone ). Plus its v cheap, like cheaper than my$ 8 Uber Pool last night. Blessings.

The Best Mascara For Length

So this one is sort of a good news/ bad news type deal. On the one hand, Butter London Lengthening Mascara will give you lengthy, voluminous looking lashes from roots to the ends, but on the other hand its various kinds of pricey. Like more than Id pay for a shitty bottle of ros so its probably not that expensive fairly fucking pricey. That being said, its life changing for anyone with short lashes as it adds 20% more length in two coats. But, like, its fine. Ill just cut my gym membership for this month because we all know I wasnt use that shit anyway.

The Best All-In-One Mascara

If youre looking for a mascara to switch up your seem depending on if Mercury is in retrograde your mood, then Revlon Ultimate All-In-One Mascara is the best in video games. While it doesnt look like muchthe brush head is fucking tinysize( apparently) doesnt matter here since this mascara does it all. If youre going to make out with your exs best friend for a more dramatic seem, it can do that. Of if youre asking for me to unfollow you on Instagram looking for the perfect #nofilter #sonatural selfie, then it can do that too.

The Best Mascara To Fake Eyelash Extensions

If youre poor fiscally irresponsible but you still want your lashes to look like Ashley Iaconettis after three beach meltdowns and one sad makeout session with Jared( I presume ), then youre going to want to invest in a mascara that fakes eyelash extensions and Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extensions Kit is seriously the best one out there. Its ideal for those who love false lashes but suffer from fury blackouts lack the patience for falsies and the sugar daddy money for extensions. The kit comes with two tubings, one that contains a lash-boosting mascara and the other that contains cotton fibers that attach to your lashes to add duration and fullness. If that sounds like a process, thats because it fucking is but thats the price we pay for optimal Instagram selfies beauty.

The Best Mascara For Nourishing Lashes

For anyone who fucked up their lashes last weekend by sleeping in their makeup and/ or burning the shit out of them with an eyelash curler( hi ), then LOral Paris Double Extend Beauty Tubes Lash Extension Effect Mascara will be key to restoring your lashes to their former glorious state. At one end of the wand is a base coat infused with nourishing agents to strengthen and protect, and at the the other, a top coat that covers lashes in a blacker-than-your-soul pigment.

The Best Mascara For Lash Growth

Almay One Coat Extreme Mascara is the best of both worlds because it induces you seem good AF while also promoting lash growth. Its sort of like that Nice Girl in your sorority who constantly tried to prove that she could be an athlete/ sorority woman/ faithful community volunteer/ fun time at the bars but, in this case, were actually buying the bullshit hype. Its a serum-mascara hybrid with a dark AF pigment that adds depth and drama to attain lashes appear longer and more defined. Plus it defends against damage and prevents breakage all while growing your lashes. You genuinely can have it all.

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