5 Way To Celebrate Your Birthday Instead Of Having A Dinner

For someone who has perfected the art of collecting got a couple of good friends throughout different stages of her life, the idea of a big birthday dinner is just plainstressful to me.

If your friend group isnt comprised of the same five or six people that meet up at MacLarens andCentral Perk on the reg, it is feasible to daunting to set up acelebratory dinner thatincludes all of your pals.

What if no one shows? What if they dont all get on? What if no one tells me I have spinach in my teeth?

Even if you dont immediately conjure up doomsday scenarios when thinking about a birthday dinner, it mightbe a welcomechange toshake things up a bit.

So before your next birthday, consider these five alternatives to the typical birthday dinner 😛 TAGEND

Have a drop in at a fun location.

Round up a couple of your very best cronies, and put up camp at the cool, new brewery or arcade that just opened.

You could also stake out some prime real estate at your favorite park and bring along some fun, inexpensive activities, like a bean purse toss. This way, you can extend the invite to whomever you want, and they can come at their leisure.

Since your besties will already be with you, you wont be stressing over when the others show up. Just be sure to include BYO-whatever on the invite, so youre not stuck lugging around all the goods.

Utilizean event already happening near you.

Is there a cool music or food festival going on around the same hour as your birthday? Forward the info along to your friends, and have them join you there, as you toastto aging as fine as the award-winning red theyre serving at the Catalina Wine Mixer!

Why waste time stressing over plans when you dont “re going to have to”? Plus, its a great opportunity to try something new and investigate the different areas around where you live. Who says old puppies cant learn new tricks?

Pare it down to family only( at least for one night ).

Remove the stress of a guest list by maintaining it to the OGs in their own lives. Im sure the baker of the fam will be more than happy to provide the confections for your celebration.

Get back to your roots, flip through some old photo albums and dig out the family videos. Good memories and a few giggles are the only presents youll need.

If your genetic household isnt all that close, Im sure the friends youve promoted to family will be there for you too.

Reunite with an old friend for dinner.

I might technically be transgressing the birthday dinner moratorium here, but I think we can make an exception for a reunion with one or two old pals.

Birthdays are a good time for self-reflection, and making up an old haunt with someone you havent seen in a while might be just the refresh youre looking for.

Put aside the stresses that come with adulthood for one night, and reminisce about the times when the best present you could get was a Teen Beat mag with the Backstreet Boys on the cover.

Treat yourself to a me day.

Take the time to acknowledgeall that youve accomplished inthelast year and pander a little.

Im sure you can talk a friend into joining you, if thats your thing, but dont be afraid to go solo, either. Alone time is hard to come by, and you should enjoy it when you get the chance.

Whether your notion of a splurgeis shoppingoff the clearance rack or taking in a double feature starring the dreamboat of your selection looking at you, Bradley Cooper merely get out and enjoy the day however you want to.

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