40 Micro Gestures Women Secretly Want Men To Do For Them Without Having To Ask

1 . Forehead kisses.

2 . Good morning texts.

3 . Hand written notes to remind her that she is beautiful and badass.

4 . Breakfast in bed.

5 . Renting old black and white movies for her.

6 . Spending a whole Sunday with her in bed.

7 . Random steamy make out conferences on the dining room table.

8 . Pouring another glass of wine for her. Just because.

9 . Making the bed if sheseems tense.

10 . A night where you leave her alone to hang out with her girlfriends.

11 . A bear hug after a long day.

12 . Not asking to have sex every single night.

13 . Astounding her with a homemade cooked dinner after a particularly stressful month.

14 . Dedicating her a heating pad without question.

15 . Buying her tampons and pads without complaints.

16 . Being’ man’ enough to call yourselfa feminist.

17 . Standing up for her when your friends say you’re’ whipped’.

18 . Dedicating her a shoulder massage on a Tuesday afternoon.

19 . Sing along to Taylor Swift with her, without cringing.

20 . Take napswith her.

21 . Stop being a backseat driver.

22 . Amuse her by use those blackhead nose stripsat the same hour she does.

23 . Watch’ The Bachelor’ with her.

24 . Tell her cheesy lines that is really truthful.

25 . Get to know her friends.

26 . Tell her why your mommy loves her.

27 . Grab her hand when she wants to rush to work early.

28 . Dedicate her a winking every now and then.

29 . Tell her she seems hot in her old sweatpants and with blemish cream on.

30 . Hugging her from behind.

31 . Tell her you love her in moments where she least expects it.

32 . Hold her when she is crying from being so frustrated.

33 . Never underestimate the power of flowers.

34 . Watch’ The Notebook’ with her and don’t complain.

35 . Appear her in the eyes when you’re in a crowded room.

36 . Telling her all the reasons why you love her.

37 . Telling her what you picture your future looks a lot like with her.

38 . Pulling her closer to your chest when you are cuddling.

39 . Turning slow, sweet kisses into eager ones.

40 . Giggling at her gags even if you don’t think they are funny.

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