25 Unusual But Heartwarming Ways To Explain What’ Home’ Really Is

1. The comfort of your own bed at the end of a long day. A pillow to remainder your head on torest your.

2. The sound of your best friends laughing as you only lay on their couchwatching TV.

3. The sensation of peace when you are taking a walk in a quiet neighborhood or looking over a beautiful view.

4. A cozy Sunday evening by the fireplace with the person or persons you love.

5. The looking they giveyou before they lean over to kiss you.

6. The safety you feel when you hold your moms hand before traversing the street.

7. The first sip of coffee in the morning when the world is quiet and you canwitness the sun of a new day and hear the birds chirping.

8. The way the person or persons you love wraps their arms around you when you are scared or sad or just need a comforting touch.

9. The warmth you feel when your pet sleeps on your lap or curls under the blanket with you.

10. The place where you can be yourself without having to keep up appearances or wear any masks.

11. A place you go to when you want to be alone, your

12. The dinner table in the house you grew up in.

13. A glass of wine after a stressful day.

14. Its certainty in an uncertain world and stability in an unstable world.

15. Its detonation your favorite songs out loud and replaying them over and over again.

16. A good book and hot cup of tea.

17. The smell of fresh air that imbues your spirit and stimulates you come alive.

18. A place you come to after a bad night and it constructs it all OK.

Its playing and running in the backyard on a sunny summertime day.

20. Its where the memories and the moments that shaped you happened. Its the corners of the milestones in your life.

21. The place you go to pray when youre feeling helpless and the world doesnt make sense to you anymore.

22. The words you say unfiltered how you truly want to be

23. The place you get ready in before a date, a bridal or an important occasion.

24. Its where you pick the broken pieces of yourself and put them back together.

25. Home is not where you were born, home is where you no longer want to.

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