18 Dudes Reveal The Warning Signs They Seem For The First Time You Invite Them In

2. ” Pictures, if they have tons of images everywhere. That can be fine but if all the pictures are of them then I start to think I have a special snowflake on my hands. No one should want to surround themselves with their own image. It’s completely weird .”

3. ” Number of pillows on the bed correlates directly to how girly a girl is. If she has more than four or if she has any/ any pillows with tassels or fringe on them then I know she is a girly girl whether she guesses she is or not .”

4. ” Condom wrappers. Point blank, I look for condom wrappers. I entail , not actively but I keep an eye out for them. I do this because I had an experience where a girl and I hooked up and as I was reaching down to grab my shoes the next morning my hand touched a condom wrapper right next to another condom wrapper. I abruptly felt like I’d slept in a back alley .”

5. ” I don’t look for anything. If she’s invited me in then nothing short of evidence of intravenous drug use could ever deter my impending erection .”

6. ” Pictures of ex-boyfriends. I get that sometimes people have paintings from school and stuff like that where an ex might happen to be in the pic with a bunch of other people but if they just have pictures of them and their ex or merely their ex then I’m going to believe that they’re carrying a torch and I’m just something she’s confusing herself with .”

7. ” Two things, if they have a crucifix on the wall or anything they own indicates any interest in astrology then I’m not going to be able to take them severely .”

8. ” I look for stacks of’ women’s publications’ everywhere. Let’s be clear. I’m 26 and I date people around my age. If you’re still reading publications for aspirational 16 -year-old girls at 26 then you might have some problems .”

9. ” Does she have style? That’s all I look for. A woman with style is sexy .”

10. ” Does she have any food in the refrigerator. I believe that only people who can cook for themselves are genuinely adults .”

11. ” My big thing is wine glass and I don’t mean wine glasses she got at some tasting with a winery’s brand stenciled on it. I entail real wine glass that she bought. Everyone goes through several stages of household waresfrom college until’ adulting correctly’ and stenciled wine glass is only one step up from mason jars and coffee cups. It screams’I turned 21 and they let me in.'”

12. ” I mean, I don’t know, is her place gross like a garbage can? If it’s not then I don’t really care about anything else. Also, I’m a complete slob myself .”

13. ” Does she have candles from the Yankee Candle Company or Bath and Body Works or Bed, Bath, and Beyond? I dislike all those things. Those were induced for Grandmas with no sense of smell trying to cover the odor of their pets. Do. Not. Trust .”

14. ” Anything about Marilyn Monroe in any way, shape, or sort. Actually, anything extolling anything about women at all. I’ve never known any man to have anything on his walls about’ humen are awesome’ or whatever and if a girl has that then I figure she’s got issues with men .”

15. ” Does she have beer? Does she have a bottle opener? If she does, we’re all set .”

16. ” Signs of other men.’ Man sign’ as I call it .”

17. ” I don’t know that this is a sign so much as it just tells you a lot about them. How are their volumes and Cds organized? I’m telling you this is like a window into their brain. In that same vein, if she doesn’t have any books or CDs then she might be a serial murderer living under a fake identity. Of course , none of this works now that we all have e-readers and iPhones now. Still, useful .”

18. ” Not gonna lie, the first time I’m invited in I’m not going to be looking for any warning signs. I’m going to be looking for panties coming off. Hopefully that’s what she wants too .”

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