14 Things I Could Have Bought With The Extra $ 65 I Now Have To Pay ClassPass

Today, ClassPass, everyone’s favorite unlimited fitness class service, announced that they’re going to increase their New York City membership price from $125 to $190 for current members( and $200 for new ones ).

And people arepissed.

Living in New York City is already ridiculouslyexpensive, so forcing New Yorkers to spendanother $65 a month will destroy literally all of ourlives.There are just SOmany other thingsI wantedto expend that fund on.


1. Ash* tload of Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Cookies from Levain Bakery

2. Abikini, eyebrow and lip wax at the European Wax Center

3. A 60 -minute massage fromAsia Tui-Na

4. A new vibrator from Babeland

5. Ten adult coloring books

6. That 28-day Fit Teathat all those celebs are using

7. A 20 -minute psychic reading from Kim Allen

8. An Uber from Manhattan to Brooklyn when there’s a price surge

9. A bottle of wine, a cheese platter and a pasta dish at Carroll Place

10. One therapy conference from someone not covered by my insurance

11. A couple roundsof tequila shots for my friends at thebar

12. Seven tubes of Maybelline BB Cream from Duane Reade

13. Two gel manicures at any cornerplace

14. Unlimited sushi, beer and sake at Kumo Sushi

RIP a well-balanced life.

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