13 Millennial Brides On What They Regret The Most About Their Bridals

Planning a wedding is infamouslystressful. And it’s even more stressful when you’re getting married young, since not many of your friendscan relate. Theres a huge amount ofpressure to make sure the day goes absolutelyperfectly, without any problems orunexpected challenges.

But nothing is perfect. So if youre getting ready to plan your wedding or if your to-do list is alreadycrossed off and now youre just waiting to say the big I do, take note of thesebridal regrets.

To help make sure you dont get lost on your wedding day, I asked 250 brides whogot married in 2015 what their biggest wedding-day regret was. Here arethe 13 of their answers.

1. Listening toother people

I spent so much time having other people influence my decisions, whether itwas family members, friends, or just bridal message boards and blogs, that Ididnt plan the wedding of my dreams. The day felt like a discombobulatedPinterest board of what everyone else wanted. Note to others: Dont listen towhat other people say or want for your wedding. Trust your gut and go withwhat you will enjoy.

Amy, 27

2. Registering forthings I thought I wanted

I ended up with five coffee makers and enough bed sheets to not have tolaundry for an entire year. I wish I had registered for stuff that was fun and not justhousehold items. I lived with my husband before we were married, so wealready had dishes and pots. I wish we had done a honeymoon fund or even a newhouse fund. It was poor planning on our part and we spent so much time afterthe wedding returning items to Macy’s.

Clarissa, 29

3. Payingtoo much for centerpieces

The food, music, and booze are what will make your wedding memorable. Ispent hours and way too much money on the tiny details of my centerpieces.When I speak to anyone about my wedding, they mention how awesome thefood was and how much fun they had dancing. Put on some crowd-pleasingmusic and serve beer and wine and you’ll have an incredible time.”


4. Worrying that everything is going to go wrong

Relax! Everything is going to work out how it is going to work out. There isonly so much you can do and once the day happens, make sure you are in themoment and enjoying every minute of it. I did get a little caught up and upset attimes with things that went wrong, but I forced myself to re-focus on the goodand all the amazing people that came out to support us.

Lisa, 28

5. Notbeing present during the ceremony

I wish I didnt totally forget the whole “important” part of ceremony. Fromhugging my parents to walking back down the aisle, I completely don’tremember any of the ceremony!

Nadine, 29

6. Addinga third appetizer

Food is an important part of the wedding but its OKto go with the standardwedding. We upgraded and added on extra appetizers and desserts. So muchfood and money went to waste. People will have enough food, so dont splurgeto pay more for more options.

Sarah, 26

7. Nothaving a day-of coordinator or wedding planner

I wish I knew the importance of the planner beforehand. I would have boughtthe biggest package that my budget allowed for.

Margot, 27

8. Notspending enough time with guests

I wish I knew how fast the day went. I barely remember who was there and feltlike most of the time we were away from our guests taking pictures. I wish Iwould have done things ahead of time or delegated better so that I could spendmore time with friends and family that I hadn’t seen in a while.

Nancy, 28

9. Spending a lot of money on party favors

I wish I knew that favors didn’t matter because I was left with so many afterthe wedding!

Crista, 24

10. Having too many

I had 12 bridesmaids. I knew that number was outrageous but there werepeople I felt like I had to ask. I wish I didnt ask half of them because in the end,it was just more drama and stress on me to have them there. When selectingbridesmaids, only pick the girls you really want to stand by your side. Dont pickpeople because youll think you will feel bad if you dont.

Marissa, 30

11. Notsetting a budget

I went into wedding planning thinking I wouldnt overspend. By the end of thewedding, three of my credit cards were maxed out and I spent way more than Iever wanted to. Id recommend setting a budget early on and not waiting tillthe last minute to find out how much youve spent so far.

Jamie, 26

12. Waiting till the last minute to book a vendor

I waited until just a few months before to book vendors and had a lot oftrouble finding inexpensive and available ones. Dont wait for the last minutelike I did to plan your wedding and make decisions. Plan early and youll be lessstressed out threemonths before your wedding.

Gen, 28

13. Not eloping

Theres something peaceful about the idea of getting married at the courthouse and going out to your favorite restaurant with as many friends andfamily members can fit at a round table for 10. Going back in time, thats whatI would so. Id save thousands and thousands of dollars and not have to take onthe anxiety and stress of the 330 guests I had at my wedding.

Sam, 27

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