12 Women Share What They’d Never Tell The Person They Just Started Dating

1 .” I’m not going to tell him why my ex broke up with me( because I was paranoid he was cheating on me ). That they are able to just build him suppose I’ll do the same thing in this relationship, but my current boyfriend gives me no reason to be paranoid .” Viv, 25

2 .” I would never tell him that I’m a complete neat freak. Like if he folds my towel the wrong way I silently freak out on the inside. The tag can’t be show, and the corners have to align perfectly. That makes me sound totally crazy, which is exactly why I wouldn’t tell him this .” Stacey, 24

3 .” I likely won’t mention that I tell my mother everything. That might frighten him a little bit .” Courtney, 25

4 .” I’m not going to tell him that I dislike to cook. I’m just going to let him wine and dine me, and then he’ll figure it out eventually, hopefully when he already likes me route too much .” Elaina, 24

5 .” I usually don’t acknowledge my preoccupation with trashy reality television until we’re about 4 months into the relationship. I’m a very intellectual person, but some people just have their guilty pleasures, and and might be two of mine .” Claire, 24

6 .” I’d never tell him that some days when I’m out of laundry, I wear the underwear I wore the previous day, but inside-out .” Hannah, 24

7 .” I don’t discuss the amount of people I’ve slept with. My number’s just a tad higher than the average, and I don’t need him judging me before he’s really gotten to know me .” Kaycee, 26

8 .” I would never ever say the amount of children I want. Partly because it’s way too early for children talk, and partly because I want seven .” Alex, 24

9 .” I’m always hesitant to tell them I don’t really listen to a lot of music, and I always get super anxious when they ask. I feel like guys judge you on the type of music you listen to, and candidly I just listen to the top 40 on my route to run every morning .” Melissa, 25

10 .” I dislike having to tell them that my dad is a cops. They always get scared about that. My papa is not going to arrest you for dating me .” Caroline, 23

11 .” I usually don’t tell them how much I smoke. I mean I won’t lie, I tell them I smoke, but just not how often .” Sara, 24

12 .” I usually don’t uncover my love for video games until we’re like the three months in, especially if he’s super active and outdoorsy. Yes, I’m embarrassed to admit that I find Mario Kart highly entertaining .” Valerie, 25

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