100 -Year-Old Woman Says Wine Is Secret To Her Longevity

Now here’s a little longevity advice we can all say cheers to. Celebrating her 100 th birthday today, Violet Ewen says she credits her longevity to her dinnertime drinking.

The centenarian, from Swindon, England, says she indulges in a glass of red wine every night with her dinner.

Its important you always have something to do and it might have something to do with my glass of wine, ” Ewen told the Swindon Advertiser as she celebrated her milestone birthday with a party over the weekend. “I have done very well.”

Except for a slight decline in her hearing and eyesight, Ewen is in good health, thanks to a lifetime of biding active. She told the newspaperthat she belonged to several clubs and enjoyed vacations to keep herself happy and healthy.

“When youre young, you dont think youre get older. Its only when things stop working you think youre get older, ” she said.

We have to wonder if there might be something to her longevity secret. Other centenarians have echoed the virtues of a little alcohol to keep the birthdays coming. Earlier this year, a 100 -year-old Pennsylvania woman swore “a lot of booze” had helped her live over a century. And the world’s oldest twin brotherssay a daily glass of Bordeaux has helped them live to 102.

We can toast to that.

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