10 Reasons Valentine’s Baby Have The Worst Holiday Birthday

If your birthday is on February 14, youre likely used to hearing Aw! A Valentines Day baby! every time you tell someone when your birthday is.

According to our birthday horoscope, people born on Valentines Day are known for their dry humor and wit.

Were extroverts who love to be social, but we also value spending day alone.

Were known for being independent and viciously honest. We are intelligent people with killer communication skills.

High five, February 14 -ers!

However, all Valentines Day newborns know a February 14 birthday isnt all its cracked up to be.

We roll our eyes at the people born in late December who complain people forget their birthdays because they’retoo close to Christmas.

Cry us a river.

Valentines Day babies like us know we have the worst vacation birthday of the year.

Here are 10 reasons set out above 😛 TAGEND

1. Our birthday comes on the the working day of the year chicks before dicks or bros over hoes doesnt apply.

There are 366 possible days to have a birthday.

Yet somehow, we objective up with the only one our friends can understandablyblow us off on.

The worst part is, our friends dont even feel the need to make up an excuse.

Were just expected to understand that their significant others are obviouslymore important than we are.

2. The majority of people we encounter on our birthday are really annoying.

If people are single, theyre complaining.

If theyre in relationships, theyre on mushy dates.

3. If were single, its a double whammy.

Everyone knows Valentines Day can be kind of a bummer when youre a regular single person surrounded by lovebirds.

This is1 0times worse when its also your birthday.

4. If we arent single, we still have to buy someone else a present.


How is that even let?

5. The What are we? situation is significantly intensified.

You know when youre kind of in a relationship, and youre both sweating as the vacation approaches because you dont know how to handle it?

Do you buy your new fling a birthday gift?

Are you two going to go out to dinner, or will he freak out like “The Office’s” Ryan did when he realized he hooked up with Kelly on February 13?

Not-so-serious relationships have a tendency to conveniently expire just before Valentines Day, so good luck holding on if hes not sure hes into you.

He justwants to avoid having to buy you two gifts.

6. Our newsfeeds are full of photos of V-Day stuff instead of B-Day stuff.

Listen, daughter from my high school English class, I dont want to see that your boyfriend sent blooms to your office until Ive received a notification that youve written, “Happy birthday! ” on my wall first.

7. We have the fear of being proposed to on a holiday.

We dont care if youre Prince charming himself.

If you try to turn one more special occasion into a holiday hybrid, were out.

8. People think we love stuff with hearts on it.

If your birthday happened to fall on Arbor Day, would you want us to buy you things with leaves all over them?


Then please spare us the horror of having to look thrilled when we open a jewelry box and find a cubic zirconia heart necklace.

9. If were hungover on February 15, people presume its because were emotional mess , not birthday party animals.

The sunglasses were rocking indoors on February 15 make people assume the night before was spent exclaiming into a bottle of wine, over a Katherine Heigl movie.

Nobodys going to give you the benefit of the doubt and think you tore up the town for your birthday.

10. We expend the entire month leading up to our birthday complaining, which really vexes our friends and family.

Blame it on astrology.

Valentines Day newborns naturally have a dry sense of humour, so most of the complaining we do are poorly received jokes.

Our friends and households love to remind us we usually have a pretty good birthday, and we should probably stop complaining.

However, we likely never will.

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