10 Affordable Gifts To Get The Best Friend Who Loves Wine For Her Birthday

If you and your best friend both love wine, odds are, you’ve constructed ita crucial part of your friendship.

Between watching with a pint of wine ice cream, to sharing your fave bottle of ros on wine Wednesday, it’s safe to say the ultimate wine friendship deserves a gift to mark the occasion.

If wine is your BFF’s go-to drink, you severely can’t go wrong with one of these presents when her birthday comes up. She’ll get a kick out of any of them and you bet she’ll put them to good use.

If your bestie is all about thatwine o’clocklifestyle, here are 10 of the best, most affordablepresents to get her for her special day.

1. Mood-Reader Wine Glass

Whimsical Gift World Funny Wine Glass, $18, Amazon

This classy wine glass is sure to induce her laugh, because it’s #relatable AF.

2. Cordless Wine Opener

Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener, $16.47, Amazon

Your partner in crime willnever have to search for her wine opener again once you gift her this countertop-friendly electric wine bottle opener.

3. Cooling Wine Glasses

FREEZE Cooling Wine Glasses, $17.40, Amazon

If your bestie favors her wine chilled, you can’t go wrong with this set of two cooling wine glass; one for her, and one for you( patently ).

4. Glass Markers

NPW-USA Drinking Buddies Wine/ Cocktail Markers, $10.27, Amazon

These hilarious little swimsuit-wearing drinking markers( aka Josh, Chad, Ryan, Brad, Cody, and Mitch) are here to get this party started. If your bestie often has friends over for drinkings, she’ll seriously love this gift.

5. Wine To-Go Glasses

Vino2Go Wine Tumblers, $11.88, Amazon

If you and your bestie are reaching up the beach or spending a night camping, she’ll get great use out of these portable tumbler-style wine glasses.

6. Wine Coloring Book

Wine Coloring Book For Adults, $8.99, Amazon

Spend a night drinking good wine and coloring it, too, with this whimsical and fun present for your BFF.

7. Wine Liquid Lipsticks

Popfeel 6pcs Wine Liquid Lipstick, $12.60, Amazon

If she’s a makeup magician a wine fan, your bestie will be all over these wine-inspired liquid lipsticks.

8. Wine Aerator

Spiralizerstore Wine Aerator Diffuser with Stand and Box set, $22, Amazon

This gadget promises to improve your overall sipping experience. Itcan also alterthe winefrom lighting to full-bodied, depending on her mood that day.

9. Wine-Scented Soap

Red Wine& Rose Personalized Handmade Soap Set, $9.95, Amazon

If shecan’t get enough wine, consider gifting her this rose and red wine soap so she can bring her love of wine to the bathtub.

10. The Wine Bra

The WineRack, $29.99, Amazon

The true wine-lover will swoon over this hilarious wine bra. Now, she can fill it up and be on her way.

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